Lab Technician
  • Experience:
    35+ years

Personal Experience

Our Lab Technician, Ray, brings an amazing 39 years of prime glazing experience to the practice. A highly proficient, specialist glazer for years, he has been trained as a British Standards Inspector which really shows in his work.

What does he do?

Ray helps us to choose the optimum lenses to create the best possible finish to your spectacles. And no spectacles leave the practice without being hand checked by Ray. Hence the highest of standards are guaranteed!

Ray is a specialist in rimless glazing. Glazing bespoke lens shapes to suit our customers taste and needs without the bespoke price tag.

What does he like about working at Elizabeth Evans Opticians?

‘I like the people I work with, Like being able to provide a service for people and that we offer something different. Everyone always gets my 100% ability.’