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With nearly 100 reviews, we're highly rated on Google Reviews by our customers.
Sophie Profile
Mr S H, Prudhoe says:
"So glad that I decided to Shop Local & Independent for my eyecare, after less than perfect experiences with some of the Big Brand Chains. The service and care from Elizabeth and the team has been first class and as a very happy customer I will continue to recommend others"
Lois says:
"Very friendly, all the staff are very helpful from your eye test to helping you choose frames to discussing different types of lenses. They also have different payment options for you to choose. I would highly recommend them."
Mrs M.H, Prudhoe says:
"I think the personal service I get when I come in is lovely, it’s nice to have service like this on your doorstep. When I broke the side off my glasses they were repaired within 24 hours."
Katie says:
"After getting my new glasses frames I went to visit my daughter in her house share in Birmingham. Apparently my daughter’s housemate remarked on how nice my glasses were, so much so that she got something very similar herself a couple of weeks later. It’s nice to be a trendsetter at my age. Three years on I still love my glasses."
Dawn says:
"We can’t thank Elizabeth and her team for giving my mam Annie a chance to see people’s faces in detail again as everyone was just a blur especially her new great grandchildren, her eye sight was failing fast due to Macular Degeneration. The hospital said she was going blind and nothing more could be done and given a leaflet and magnifying glass over 12 months ago. Then by a chance conversation 1 day over 6 months ago with friends we heard about Elizabeth Evans and the light therapy treatment Valeda for Macular Degeneration. She has just started her second round of treatment and her eye sight has improved so much she has got her confidence back. She can see everyone in detail and has started driving again, reading and her favourite thing is knitting for her great grandchildren and no magnifying glass in sight!"
Wendy H says:
"I can see people in the field outside my house now and recognise them."
Sara says:
"Elizabeth and her team provide the loveliest service you could ever hope for. They are caring, take the time to get to know you and are all so knowledgeable. Basically they are just brilliant at what they do. Cannot recommend highly enough!"
Margaret says:
"I found Elizabeth Evans Opticians online when searching for treatment for Dry Macular Degeneration in the north of England. I had been told there was no treatment! I attended for an Assessment appointment and was delighted to be told I was suitable for the Valeda Light Delivery System treatment. I received a course of treatment on three days a week over a three week period. To say I received the best Christmas present I could possibly have hoped for in 2022 is an understatement. I can now read a book again, see instructions on packaging and drive more competently. Elizabeth and her staff were so knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. Thank Elizabeth for bringing this treatment to the North (as London is so inaccessible for so many) Look forward to seeing you and your lovely staff all again in May."
Jan says:
"Elizabeth Evans is a fantastic optician, it's the first time I've had an eye test, and I didn't no what to expect, the staff are very friendly and welcoming, I would 100% definitely recommend Elizabeth Evans, and it's in my home town which is great."
Patricia says:
"I have the same story as Margaret Duffy. I searched for treatment and found it at Elizabeth Evans Opticians. I travelled from Peterhead for treatment August 2022 and am about to go back for more treatment soon. I can never thank Elizabeth and her staff enough. They were and are amazing. Please don't be afraid to try the treatment. My latest scan at my local opticians has shown a positive improvement in my Macular eye health. I am overcome with gratitude...and hope for the future...I am so lucky to have found these amazing people... now friends xx"
Arvind says:
"This is the first place where my family trust me to glasses shopping by myself! The quality of advice on selecting the right frame really is absolutely outstanding."
Sean says:
"My Grandma is 92yrs old, we actually found Elizabeth Evans Opticians about 1yr before deciding to make an appointment for treating dry macular degeneration, we regret the delay now as we could of prevented further decline in sight, the great news is that after the 1st 3 sessions my grandma's eyesight noticeably improved, being able to see the numbers on the cooker dials and being able to read knitting patterns again. It's not been a 100% miracle cure, but the improvement was more than we expected, in-fact we had only pinned our hopes on slowing down the deterioration of sight. Based on our experience, we wish we had gone sooner & if anyone has any doubts about this treatment,,, it works (even for someone that's 92). Thank you to the full team, they are lovely and very accommodating to being flexible regarding booking times."
Jack says:
"I couldn't see anything with my right eye for the TV, but now I can see figures. Colours are now a lot more vivid. I have dogs which are the same breed and I couldn't tell them apart before, but now I can see that one is red and one is golden."