Prudhoe Pocket Garden

Proud to be sponsoring Prudhoe’s first pocket garden

The concepts of pocket parks have been popularised in the US and Prudhoe will have its very own pocket garden this spring.

Elizabeth Evans Opticians are proud to be sponsoring a tree at the Prudhoe pocket garden, which Prudhoe Community Partnership is bringing to Front St. Large planters containing 12 multi-stem Amelanchier lamarchii trees will be put in place to transform the space.

Read more about it in the Hexham Courant

Tips on choosing frames

Tips on choosing frames

Spectacles, glasses …call them what you will but do not underestimate them. They are powerful accessories and can potentially put you well ahead of the style game.
Think, Madonna and Noel Gallagher, Sue Pollard, Jackie Onassis, Sophia Loren. Their glasses are as integral to their style as the scarf was to Isadora Duncan and diamonds, or husbands, to Elizabeth Taylor. At the very least the right spectacles will give you a reflection with which you can be comfortable and reassured by.

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