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Providing continuous vision
We’ve lost count of the number of new patients who come to us saying that they are unhappy with their changing vision and glasses. Many of which have had a nightmare with a rushed and unsatisfied experience in the large high street stores.

What are varifocal lenses?

Varifocal lenses provide continuous vision for all distances in a single lens, and correct presbyopia (which occurs with ageing, normally from age 45 years+). Varifocals are often described as having 3 ‘portions’ of vision: long distance at the top of the lens, reading at the bottom, and intermediate in the middle.

It is important to note that not all Varifocals are the same.

Different manufacturers give users a different field of view. We always say that choosing Varifocals is like choosing a brand and model of car. You will definitely pay more for better performing Varifocals, which have a wider field of view.

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Indoor lenses

Are you fed up with your reading glasses? always breaking them? Or can never find them?

We specialise in Indoor lenses. These are spectacles which you just wear inside. Fabulous for working in an office, or at reception or in meetings or at home working or for leisure, watching TV while reading your iPad or when out shopping. They make all your vision clear at all distances!

We have helped so many of our customer’s lives so much easier with this type of correction.

Ask for details! Both Karen and Lesley wear this correction.

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Don't take our word for it!

If you are unhappy with your changing vision, we urge you to book an appointment just like Katie who shares her story below:

Katie says:
"After getting my new glasses frames I went to visit my daughter in her house share in Birmingham. Apparently my daughter’s housemate remarked on how nice my glasses were, so much so that she got something very similar herself a couple of weeks later. It’s nice to be a trendsetter at my age. Three years on I still love my glasses."
We're different from other opticians
Every day, we help patients feel much better about their eyecare experience. After 60 years in Prudhoe, we have built our reputation as a friendly, knowledgeable practice who are experts in Varifocals.