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Onsite Glazing

The best possible finish
Where we differentiate from other opticians is that we have our own on-site lab, which means there is often a quicker turnaround time for your new spectacles or repairs.

Prompt Glazing & Repairs in our on-site lab

Our Lab Technician, Ray, brings an amazing 39 years of prime glazing experience to the practice. A highly proficient, specialist glazer for years, he has been trained as a British Standards Inspector which really shows in his work.

Ray helps us to choose the optimum lenses to create the best possible finish to your spectacles. And no spectacles leave the practice without being hand checked by Ray. This ensures the highest of standards are guaranteed.

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The leading lens manufacturers

Our patients benefit from the World’s leading manufacturers Zeiss and Seiko lenses and with our Transition lenses we always use the very latest technology for faster changing lenses.

We're different from other opticians
Every day, we help patients feel much better about their eyecare experience. After 60 years in Prudhoe, we have built our reputation as a friendly, knowledgeable practice who are experts in Varifocals.