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Advanced Eye Examinations

Advanced Eye Examinations
Our advanced eye assessments can detect irregularities that normal eye tests can’t. This is particularly important when glaucoma is suspected, and is also helpful in detecting vision loss caused by neurological disorders such as stroke or certain brain tumours.

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Our advanced eye examinations use state of the art technology to make sure you get the best care possible.

What to expect

On the day of your appointment, could you please bring with you;

  • Previous copies of your prescription
  • Existing spectacles
  • Current medical information (i.e. prescription medication)

Your eye health is important to us, so please ensure you have allocated enough time as your appointment may take up to one hour.

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Your Ultra Wide 3D Advanced Eye Examination

Each part of the  eye examination that we provide is included to give us essential information regarding your vision and health. We provide a Ultra Wide 3D Advanced eye examination as standard. You will find some opticians offer a basic test, with some adding on additional tests as ‘extras’. We believe all eye examinations should include in-depth scans using the highest quality technology available on the market to ensure we have the best picture of your eye health and vision. We have recently invested in a brand new form of panoramic, ultra-widefield retinal photography called Optomap.

We see the value in using advanced technology to detect and monitor eye health and to calculate your prescription. We also offer generous appointment durations so that no question you have will go unanswered.


Our fee for a Ultra Wide 3D Advanced Eye Examination is £105 and this includes:

  • Ultra Widefield Optomap
  • Retinal Photo
  • Visual Field Assessment
  • OCT Scanning
  • Binocular indirect Ophthalmoscopy
  • Slit Lamp Examination
  • Goldman Tonometry
  • MP eye


This new test measures the level of macular pigments in your eyes. It allows us to see how well your eyes are protected from the damaging effects of violet-blue light and oxidative damage. Even if your macular pigment density is low, we can recommend diet and lifestyle changes that will boost protection and reduce the risk of macular degeneration. 

Ultra Wide Optomap

We will take an Ultra-Wide digital image of the back of your eyes. An amazing 80% of your retina compared to 15% with traditional methods. This allows the detection of early-stage sight threatening conditions including retinal holes, retinal detachments, diabetes, high cholesterol and high Blood Pressure.


We will also take a series of digital images of your eyes. The OCT scanner looks in depth through structures of your eyes such as the optic nerve and the layers of the retina, underneath the visible surface of the eye. This scan produces images in even greater detail than an MRI scanner.

Visual Field Assessment

You may also have an assessment of your peripheral vision. This can be important in the initial detection and monitoring of glaucoma, but also for other ocular and general health conditions.

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After your examination

It may be necessary to dilate your pupils to fully evaluate your retina. Your pupils may stay dilated for up to 6 hours and this may cause some problems with glare and focusing. It is therefore recommended that you have someone with you who can drive you home afterwards.

On completion, you will receive a copy of your personal glasses prescription, calculated precisely by Elizabeth, and advice on what optical solutions are best for you.

You should leave feeling reassured that you have had a thorough eye examination and with a clear understanding of your own eyes, both in terms of vision and eye health.

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We use the most advanced technology

This provides us with the most detailed information about your eyes, which in turn means your optometrist can make accurate and timely diagnoses.

These assessments will reveal any problems affecting your sight or your health generally and are especially valuable in the early detection of conditions such as glaucoma, age-related deterioration, cataracts, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems.

We're different from other opticians
Every day, we help patients feel much better about their eyecare experience. After 60 years in Prudhoe, we have built our reputation as a friendly, knowledgeable practice who are experts in Varifocals.