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Tips on choosing frames

Posted: 30th Sep 2020
frame tips
frame tips

Spectacles, glasses …call them what you will but do not underestimate them. They are powerful accessories and can potentially put you well ahead of the style game. Think, Madonna and Noel Gallagher, Sue Pollard, Jackie Onassis, Sophia Loren. Their glasses are as integral to their style as the scarf was to Isadora Duncan and diamonds, or husbands, to Elizabeth Taylor. At the very least the right spectacles will give you a reflection with which you can be comfortable and reassured by.

Some frame tips from Elizabeth Evans and her team:

Look for frames that pick up your colouring - tones of your hair, eyes or skin.

  • As you get older shiny metals can be too harsh. A charcoal grey frame or muted silver frame may be better than bright silver.
  • Choose glasses that focus on your eyes if they are a best feature.
  • Frame designs are constantly being updated. You should think about changing every two years, at least. Watching celebrities can be useful. They are usually on the cusp of fashion. Watching what they are doing will give you ideas and help to prepare you for a shift in design yourself.
  • Choose eyewear that is synonymous with your profession. Wearing glasses projects a very clear message about who and what you are:
  • If you are in a conservative field you are best sticking to classic shapes and colours.
  • If you are in a creative field - be as creative as you like. Colour and shape are as whacky as you want them to be.
  • If you are in a job that has close contact with people don’t choose glasses that obscure you - you need to wear a frame that is open and non-threatening.
  • Why choose Elizabeth Evans opticians? There is a lot at stake when choosing eyewear so choose someone you trust. A fast frame business is not going to have the same interest and expertise in fitting you.
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